Food delivery in train at Ranchi Railway Station-IRCTC eCatering

Food delivery in train at Ranchi railway station

Order food from your favorite restaurants with IRCTC eCatering and have it delivered to your seat on the train at Ranchi Railway Station! 

IRCTC is revolutionizing the way we travel in trains by introducing fresh food delivery in trains at your seat. Now you don’t have to worry about unhealthy & unhygienic food from roadside vendors.

The convenience of ordering online food delivery in trains at Ranchi railway station through IRCTC’s website or app is unparalleled. You can select your favorite dishes from a wide range of restaurants, pay online and have them delivered right to your berth without any hassle. Enjoy the comfort of a home-cooked meal while traveling on the train with IRCTC’s E-catering food delivery service!

Ranchi Railway Station

Ranchi, the capital of the eastern state of Jharkhand, was previously known as Lohardaga. The name translates literally as the center of iron mining. The city is an industrial town surrounded by iron mining industries. Ranchi is also known for its natural beauty, which includes year-round pleasant weather, several waterfalls, beautiful lakes, picturesque hillside surroundings, and delicious delicacies.

Some of the mouth-watering dishes of Ranchi, which you should definitely try are : 

Dhuska: Ranchi’s favorite way to start the day is with dhuska. It’s a hot dish made of rice flour and pulses. It’s a great way to start the day, cooked in mustard oil and served with gram curry and potato curry.

Putka: Jharkhand’s cuisine includes a variety of dishes inspired by the state’s forests. Puttu or Putka is one such dish made from the state’s famous mushrooms. The mushrooms grow beneath the soil and can only be found by locals. It is available mainly during the monsoon season and is a popular lunch menu item.

Chilka Roti: Chilka Roti is one of the dishes made with rice flour and besan. It has a distinct flavor similar to Dosa prepared in South India.

Litti Chokha: It is a popular Bihari dish that is especially popular in Ranchi. It’s a winter dish often cooked over a fire during the colder months of the year and is completely oil-free.

Bamboo Shoots: The state adores bamboo shoots, which are used in a variety of dishes, primarily as a vegetable. Ranchi is famous for its own version of a sweet made from bamboo shoots and mustard oil that has a distinct sour and sweet flavor. You must try it to appreciate its out-of-this-world flavor.

Mitha Khaja: The Mitha Khaja will satisfy your sweet tooth. It is an item that is prepared in almost every household and then exchanged with friends and relatives during the festive season, particularly during marriages.

Best food in train Ranchi railway station

IRCTC’s fresh food delivery service is a great way to enjoy healthy and tasty meals at your seat while traveling. All partner restaurants are FSSAI approved, so you can be assured of getting high-quality, hygienic, and safe food items. Moreover, all meals are freshly prepared to give you the best experience possible. With IRCTC’s food delivery service, you can now get delicious and nutritious meals delivered right to your seat!

Features of IRCTC E-catering services

  • Convenience
  • Variety
  • Sanitized and Hygienic Food
  • Zero Delivery Charge
  • Delivery personnel Safety Check
  • Quality
  • 100% Assured Delivery 

Different types of Khana on trains at Ranchi Railway Station are: 

●      Veg food at Ranchi railway station

●      Pure Jain food delivery at Ranchi railway station

●      Non Veg food delivery at Ranchi railway station

●      Chinese food delivery at Ranchi railway station

●      Italian food delivery at Ranchi railway station

●      South Indian food delivery at Ranchi railway station

●      Combo meal (Indian and South Indian)

How to order food delivery in train at Ranchi railway station

In simple steps, you can order khana on the train at Ranchi Railway Station. With this service, you can enjoy a variety of cuisines including Indian, Chinese, Italian, and more without having to worry about leaving the station. Enjoy delicious meals on the go now! 

● Step 1: Find train food items at or download the Food on Track app or call 1323

● Step 2: Enter your PNR number and explore restaurants for your journey.    

● Step 3: Choose your food. Check the prices carefully and order food delivery at Ranchi Railway Station by paying online or COD.

● Step 4: Enjoy your food delivered to your seat.

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